Arduino are small electronics cards with a microprocessor. The microprocessor inputs and outputs are connected to IO pins on the card.
Arduino internet site:
Arduino Software (IDE), IDE stands for integrated development environment, and means that it is a software with all the tools needed to create software for the system. The Arduino IDE is then all you need to create a software for an Arduino.
Arduino IDE is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Installation for Linux Ubuntu will be described here. 

Download Arduino IDE from the following page:

Unpack the file: arduino-1.8.10-linux64.tar.xz.

Run the installation script as root, sudo. wait until you see the message

done! :

$ sudo ./

Adding desktop shortcut, menu item and file associations for Arduino IDE…


The Arduino IDE should now be installed. Start icon shows here.

By default, the Arduino IDE starts with a sample program shown in the image here.