Mesh nettwork. Asus AiMesh.

n today’s Corona epidemic situation when large parts of the world have home office, home school and home kindergarden, and otherwise have to stay home, the home network is really put to the test. You might have places in your home where coverage is poor, and you want some kind of mesh network.

Here I have set up an Asus AiMech network with an RT-AC86U and an RT-AC66U B1 as the Mesh node. The former is priced at about NOK 2000 and the second at about NOK 800. You also get two RT-AC66U B1 which can be set up in Mesh networks as a package of two to about 1500 NOK. These solutions are an affordable solution for home mesh network.

A large number of the newer Asus routers support AiMesh.

A major advantage of the Asus AiMesh system is that you can connect the routers with both wired Ethernet and wireless Wifi. For example, if you have the routers far apart, or through concrete walls or floors, you can use the wired Ethernet for optimal coverage. If you use Wifi where there are such obstacles you will get poor transmission speed between the AiMesh routers.

Configuration of Asus AiMesh is pretty easy.

First, the main router is set up as usual, choosing Wireless Router Mode.

Then you connect to the Mesh node router, in this case RT-AC66U B1. This is set up as AiMesh Node.

You now return to the main router and connect the Mesh node and the main router. This is done by pressing Search under Find AiMesh node.

Setting up an Asus AiMesh network in the home is so easy, and it works perfectly well.

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